Lansing Everett


Everett High School
3900 Stabler St
Lansing, Michigan

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019
5:30 pm — 7:30 pm

This event is closed to new registrations.

Registered Competitors

This event has a capacity of 35 competitors.

  1. Perfect Pic (kelsey gonzales)
  2. Natural Me (Olivia Hodge)
  3. Tun's Noodles (Tun Khai)
  4. H&K (Hama Pashazadeh)
  5. Grant and Simon's Eatery (Ka'Leyah Williamson)
  6. Lee's marketing (destin bass)
  7. House Call Cell Repair (Elijah Oliver)
  8. Misaki's Teahouse (Indya Sanders)
  9. Aspiring Models Agency "AMA" (Jazmine Nathan)
  10. wonders (Kiran Mangar)
  11. Mendenhall's Beauty salon (Darrianna Mendenall)
  12. The Dot Stop (Livvy Davis)
  13. g.o.a.t (Aaron johnson- bey)
  14. Home for Angels (Ana Charles)
  15. Pretty in Punk (Ellie Emmons)
  16. Swift-Style (Juan Morales)