Holt Public Schools

This event will be held in the board room.


Holt Central Office
5780 Holt Rd
Holt, Michigan

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020
5:30 pm — 8:00 pm

This event is closed to new registrations.

Registered Competitors

This event has a capacity of 17 competitors.

  1. Blender? I hardly know her! (Forrest Colson)
  2. BanPlastic Bottles (Abigail Kelley)
  3. Robopuff (Stephanie Venn)
  4. Sew Good Products (Julia Toomey)
  5. My own clothing line (Sheryl Houseman)
  6. Cloud Meals (Mohamed Mohamed)
  7. B.A.A.M (Alana Garlitz)
  8. D.D Pets (Drew Drew)
  9. Drone innovation (Diamenn Mcduffey)
  10. Jacob Toomey for Political Office (Jacob Toomey)
  11. Cleansing Bomb (Debra Merrick)
  12. Building Heros (Kya Stitt)
  13. NAIL’ed It (Jada Watson)
  14. QUEST "Quotes, Under-thought of by Everyone, and Story-time" (Petunia Boyd)
  15. Beeswick (Jazmyn Carr)
  16. Dip & Drip (Keagan Moss)
  17. JobHub (Eli Haidamous)